Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a reflective gaming tee shirt?

Our reflective gaming apparel consists of high quality tee shirts and athletic apparel combined with our reflective tech designs. The entire design on the shirt is reflective, including the tags and our game forward branding, even the colorful parts of the designs reflect in the same color!

What is a “Choose Your Destiny” custom reflective tshirt?

With our reflective “Choose Your Destiny” line of tee shirts, we tried something new. We wanted you to be able to customize and showcase your favorite gaming heroes and classes, and we wanted to make it affordable for all true gamers.

With our CYD shirts you can pick you favorite mains or characters and rock our gear letting everyone know your personal gaming style.

Your opponents will tremble when they see your reflective effects from across the room. You will automatically have the most elite tee shirt in the room: A Gaia Game Gear Custom “Choose You Destiny” Tee.

What are your reflective designs made of?

We invented methods and materials to ensure our reflectives shine brighter and are more flexible than other reflective things youve seen. Our proprietary reflective tech uses very small crystals to produce the reflective effects. These beads are so small that they are smooth, fixed onto the shirts (no dust or glitter dust with our tech) , and the design is flexible and light to the touch.

Our designs will not get hard if cared for like legendary loot.

Our process makes the reflectives so soft, you will forget you are wearing it until someone see’s it in action and compliments you on your cool Gaia Game Gear.

We are the only ones who manufacturers and inventors of this unique method and our products speak for themselves when you see them IRL (in real life).

How does the the reflective design work? Does it glow in the dark?

Our reflective designs are a bit more high tech than glow in the dark. Our designs reflect by shining a lightsorce at the design, the reflective tech then bounces that light back to its source… and lights up beautifully! They look amazing in low light in places such as parties, streets, school, restaurants, theatres, bars or even your gaming couch!

Our reflectives even activate from the light of a full moon. Yup. Moonlight.

Can I see the reflective effects it the day?

Our reflective shirts will shine at times during the day and your travels, people will be curious… the most dramitric effects are seen when it is a little darker.

Does your

What shirts do you use for your reflective video game tshirts?

We only use premium brands with our reflective gaming apparel. Our tee shirts are 100% cotton and ring spun which means they are light, breathable and comfy. There is a big difference between cheap “Heavy Cotton” tee shirts and our tees. We only select tees that we would wear.

Our shirts are “semi-fit” which means the are a tiny bit tighter than loose casual shirts. Our tees look great on everybody style without looking bulky or too loose.

What color gaming tee shirts are available?

Currently we offer premium black shirts. More colors are on the way!

How do I care for my new reflective gaming shirt?

You can ensure your tee stays crisp and new looking by doing 3 easy things:

#1 Turn it inside out before washing.
#2 Wash on delicate mode in cold water.
#3 Hang to dry.
#4 Profit!

Can I iron the reflective design?

Yes. But only for a 2 seconds, which is long enough to get rid of the wrinkles in the design that appear on tee shirts after washing. You can iron the non reflective parts of the tee as you would any cool t-shirt.

Do your shirts shrink?

Even though we only use “pre-shrunk” tees a little shrinkage happens in all cotton tee shirts. This occurs with washing in hot water or if you dry it with “high heat” in the dryer. If you dont want shrinkage wash it in cold water on delicate mode and hang to air dry the tee. If you have to use a dryer, use no heat or very little heat.

Where do you get your video game designs from?

We get original designs from a few different places: individual contributing artists (like you!), licensed images, public domain and shared/common use websites, parodies and our own in house design team. We carefully choose our images and every image on our site has been selected, modified and improved upon for reflective effects. We are always seeking licensure from the brands you love.

Are you hiring artists?

Yes! We are always hiring artists and offer a very competitive profit sharing rate. We are a great company to work with as your designs will not be competing with thousands of other designs seen on other tee shirt websites. We only accept original and non copyrighted work.

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