About us

Gaia Game Gear started as a crazy idea for reflective safety tee shirts.

Both myself and my brothers have been gamers since birth. We watched the industry grow and waited in line for some of the newest game releases at midnight.

After searching for really cool and unique gaming gear we realized you either have to pay $100’s of dollars for custom apparel, or shop at one of the major retail stores and buy generic tee shirts, just like everyone else. There was nothing new or different… or weird.

We founded Gaia Game Gear to give gamers a unique way to showcase their style and their love of gaming in a form that has not existed before. We use reflective tech and hidden features in many of our shirts.

We only choose tee shirts and apparel that is comfy and premium. What’s the point of repping a game if the shirt is stiff or rough?

A New Challenger Has Appeared!

We always stay on top of the latest industry news and trends.

We also compete in eSports competitions. I won a gaming competition when I was 14. It was the first and last competition I ever won. The prize was a Sega CD. Worst prize ever!

We design our apparel with gaming themes, some are obvious, some require a bit of gaming knowledge and some tee shirts will only be understood by very knowledgeable fans.

We’ve got some really cool stuff that looks amazing in person. We don’t charge more than a regular tee shirt, because we want every gamer to be able to afford our designs.

We are new, different and strange…

Wait Until You See What We Have Planned Next!


Joshua Gaia

Joshua Gaia

Gaia Game Gear Founder

Full-Time Gamer, Part-Time Apparel Designer

Andrew Gaia

Andrew Gaia

Gaia Game Gear Founder

Full-Time Artist, Part-Time Dream Weaver

With a love of the fantistic universes experienced through gaming, Andrew has developed a passion for inventing and creating his own.

By mixing his passion in visual creation as well as experience in the gameing industry, Andrew is pumped to help develop a new apparel line that not only utilizes inventive and exploration, but also pushes the envelope for those who are always reaching the next level of intensity over their love.

Always Be Shooting!